Our Management team

Santiago Manzur

Managing Partner
Andes Global Trading LLC

One of my greatest life lessons learned is: DOING THE RIGHT THING! 

When I first started in the meat trading industry, I was surprised to see so many butcher shops, retailers, food distributors, and meat packers were not getting the essential advice and care they needed to make sound decisions to help grow their business. There comes a time when you look around and say, “I think I can make a difference by building a company that people love working for and have a deeper confidence in.”

That was 2011, when I followed those entrepreneurial aspirations to launch a meat trading business, Andes Global Trading with my partner, Ivan Orrego. From the beginning, we wanted to create a different type of company “dedicated to lasting relationships built on trust, reliability, and proactive personalized service – delivered with an amazingly fun, genuine attitude and love for our customers”.

We believe today, as we did on Day 1, when you find ways to improve the customer experience and recruit the right kind of people with the right values, then business results will follow. Andes now provides a range of meat trading services and is the fastest-growing exporter to Mexico, Latin America and Canada. For Andes, everything starts with the CUSTOMER. Our team around the world shares a single focus – helping clients feel so good about the products they bought and their decision to buy from us that they become our customers for life. 

Ivan Orrego

Managing Partner
Andes Global Trading LLC

It's a wonderful feeling when you create a company that aligns with your passion. Every day I wake up excited to spend my day as an entrepreneurial executive responsible for the strategic direction and financial stability of Andes Global Trading.

When I started the meat trading business in 2011 with my business partner and childhood friend, Santiago Manzur, our growth took off fast. Like most startups, this created some unexpected hurdles and rapid growth opportunities. Fortunately, Santiago’s sales and management experience in meat trading, coupled with my sales, marketing and management experience from corporate America working for Black & Decker helped us structure the company. First, hiring the right PEOPLE with the right attitude and values to deliver our services. Second, revenue backed by data to take over our strategy and growth initiatives.

Today, Andes is a culturally driven company and fastest-growing meat exporter to Mexico, Latin America and Canada, widely respected for leading clients in making sound decisions. Our clients range from butcher shops and retailers to food distributors and meat packers, offering multinational products in a way that disrupts the typical transactional trading approach by working on behalf of our customers.

Our goal is to add value to someone else's life through dedicated lasting relationships built on trust, reliability and proactive personalized service–delivered with an amazingly fun, genuine attitude and love for our CUSTOMERS. 

Xavier Maldonado

VP of Sales
Andes Global Trading

As an award-winning international sales leader for major food distributors across Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions of the world, I became fascinated by cross border export. I view every encounter as an opportunity to help people and have devoted my 24+ year career to building strong sales teams to achieve high-record goals and expand into new markets.

I got to experience firsthand the cross-border lifestyle and the expansion opportunities by working for major global corporations, including Hostess Brands, Quirch Foods, Promarisco, and Inpeca. There is a unique layer of complexities involved with building an international sales team, maintaining a continuity of supply and assuring a “just in time” arrival of raw materials and frozen proteins to our customers’ in more than one country. Decisions taken in one country can have unexpected consequences in the other. It was apparent that building a solid, culturally-driven team of sales and purchasing experts, along with implementing the right processes and procedures in an orderly manner was important to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

Today, I oversee the sales team of Andes Global Trading to work directly with retailers, food distributors, and independent meat market owners and butcher shops to help them navigate through the complexities of exporting proteins in more than one country. I am excited to lead the expansion efforts for Andes, the fastest-growing meat exporter to Mexico and Canada, and now helping them expand across all Latin American regions.

Driven by experience and long standing relationships built on trust, our unique process integrates clients’ worldwide interests with their goals to help them make the right purchasing decisions on the right products at the right time and at the right price. We also coordinate with a network of suppliers to develop an all-encompassing strategy.

I love what I do every day. The best analogy is that I’m like a football coach. I am really good at identifying opportunities, setting up the strategy and making it happen. My passion is helping people achieve their potential and goals.

When I am not working, I also enjoy traveling and spending quality time with my family and friends.